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After collaborative discussions at last year’s conference, we found that there was a clear dissonance between what the current education system provides and what business leaders need.

Business leaders’ perceived lack of work-readiness in school leavers pertained most notably to a lack of key interpersonal and communication skills, with this finding also being reinforced by MTM Survey’s 2023 Survey.

Of course, for a modern pupil body that is becoming increasingly hungry for independence and entrepreneurial know-how, it is vital that we give them the tools to succeed.

Despite this, both education providers and business leaders were wholly excited by the prospect of working together more closely in order to bridge the work-readiness gap, and provide a more seamless transition from education into the business sector.

Certainly, last year’s conference truly highlighted the value of bringing together similarly goal-aligned individuals from cross-country and cross-sector into a collaborative setting, as it allowed attendees to not only identify the gaps in the current offering, but over the course of two days, put plans in place as to how experiences and best practices can be shared in order to make the necessary improvements.

This year, in the industry and enterprise stream, we once again continue these collaborative discussions as we welcome passionate attendees from across both education and business sectors, with thought-provoking talks on topics such as ‘what’s the point of school?’ and ‘building soft-skills with rigour’.

This year, there are sure to be a number of key takeaways that will continue to enable us to make strides towards a future-ready education that meets the needs of those pupils who want to enter the world of industry.

If you want to join in on championing this cause, you won’t want to miss out.


Janie Frampton

Co-Founder / Director Co-Founder / Director
Team You Development

TEAM You are recognised as a Worldwide Leadership experience, which positively impacts and changes lives by making positive difference. Leaders driving change is a business imperative, contributing to a company that is tangibly more creative, innovative, resilient and ultimately more profitable, help individuals on their journey towards becoming dynamic and influential.

Our services include providing governance and board reviews at the highest level of sport and corporate companies, supporting with the development of their strutures, strategies and implementation, influenceing change to ensure individuals abd key stakeholders undertand the benefits to them and the organisation.

Our programmes are tailored to meet the needs of the individual and the organisation, we address current social challenges and empower individuals to thrive, develop and reach their own potential, by doing so, we help create an authentic environment of happy, high performing teams delivering consistent economic benefit to your company that genuinely reflects the internal and external stakeholders you serve.

TEAM You deliver bespoke mentoring and coaching working with individuals to ensure their skills and development meets the needs of the organisations and leave them with the tools and resources to ensure they are more effective in their role.

TEAM You are leaders in their field of identifying and delivering bespoke programmes and initiatives to support social enterprise and sport through the growth of diverse and instinctive leadership.

TEAM You are experienced motivational and inspirational speakers; we have unique stories that depict their journeys, trials and tribulations, and how they overcame barriers to succeed in their field.

Chris White

Director of Industrial Policy and Insight Centre, MTC

Chris is the Director of the Industrial Policy Research Centre (IPRC) at Loughborough University, a member of the Executive of the Manufacturing Technology Centre (part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult network), and was the Member of Parliament for Warwick and Leamington, 2010-2017.


As an MP, he was a member of both the International Development and Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Select Committees and chaired the All Party Parliamentary Groups on Manufacturing and Social Enterprise.


Prior to joining the MTC, Chris was the Director of the Institute for Industrial Strategy at King’s College, London.


Amongst other roles, Chris is the Vice Chair of the Board of Governors of the Warwickshire College Group, Senior Visiting Fellow in the Department of Engineering, City, University of London, a member of the Economic Policy Committee, Make UK, and a member of the Manufacturing Policy Panel at the IET.

Chris White.jpg
Hayley Peacock.jpg

Hayley Peacock

Atelier 21

What’s the point of school?


This talk by Founder of Atelier 21, Hayley Peacock, explains the school's revolutionary educational approach to learning which amplifies student voice and choice through self-directed learning and a democratic system, where children and teenagers govern the many facets of running the school day to day. Hayley explains how the school's real-world project-based learning helps pupils develop the dispositions of a life-long learner. This is achieved through promoting a ‘learning to learn’ attitude of self-reflection and self-adjustment, by facilitating student agency, innovation, curiosity and creativity.


Hayley Peacock - Pioneering School and Early Years Educator and Entrepreneur
Hayley’s personal mission is to ‘change a million children’s lives, to start..’ Following 13 years of founding and running the internationally acclaimed and award-winning group of Early Years
Centres, Little Barn Owls, in 2020, Hayley founded the pioneering Atelier 21 Future School, an independent school for students 4-16 years that co-operates as a mainstream school and research
centre providing professional development worldwide. Atelier 21 was born out of Hayley's deep connection with the Reggio Emilia Approach to learning.

Chris Anders

Park Community School

Chris Anders has been Headteacher for 15 years at Park Community School in Havant, Hampshire, a maintained secondary school in an area of significant deprivation. The school’s focus on the community and broad curriculum offer has led to the school becoming described as ‘much more than just a school’. 


Park is open almost every day of the year, and has a construction skills centre, printing business, small holding, catering business and tearoom: not all the qualifications taken are measured by the DfE. The school is 25 years into its multi-generational journey to achieve academic success alongside the acquisition of life skills and being a happy community.

Head shot Chris.JPG
Tom Ravenscroft.png


Founder & CEO, Skills Builder Partnership

Tom founded the Skills Builder Partnership in 2009, whilst a secondary school teacher in Hackney.


The Skills Builder Partnership brings together a global group of more than 800 partners around a common language and approach to building essential skills like teamwork, communication, and self-management.


The Partnership, which includes educators, employers and impact organisations, delivered 2.3 million opportunities to build those skills in 2021-22.

The approach that Tom pioneered has now been widely adopted in the UK, and is being replicated in seven further countries – Czechia, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Egypt, Pakistan, and India.


The Partnership won the UK Social Enterprise Award for Impact in 2017 and is a WISE Award Finalist for 2022.


Tom was the 2009 UK Entrepreneurship Teacher of the Year. He has served as a non-executive director of Teach First and has also been recognised as one of the UK’s leading social entrepreneurs by being elected an Ashoka Fellow in 2017. He holds a BA in Economics & Management from the University of Oxford.

Max Kelly

Director & Co-Founder, Connexus

Max Kelly is the co-founder of Connexus, a startup in the education and social mobility sector. Since it was founded, the Connexus has delivered programmes to over 150 pupils from 50 schools and colleges in the state and independent sector, working with major employers including EY, Citi, Novartis, and Zoom. The company supports schools by connecting pupils and teachers to talent and expertise across other industries, through a range of programmes focused on academic enrichment, careers guidance, professional development, and university access support. 


Max grew-up in the North East of England and is in his final year reading History and Politics at the University of Oxford. He is also a governor at two schools in Oxford and Teesside. 

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