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Director of Digitally Enabled Learning

Jenny is the Director of Digitally Enabled Learning at Warwick Schools Foundation, developing the use of digital technologies across the five schools within the Foundation in order to improve the learning outcomes for students of all ages from 3-18.

Jenny leads both technology and pedagogy teams that have supported the successful integration and adoption of Microsoft 365 tools across the Foundation and the development of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programmes at two of the schools. One of the key strategic aims that the Foundation is currently pursuing is how best to safely and effectively harness the opportunities that AI can bring to education.

As a teacher, Jenny understands the rewards of using IT in teaching and learning alongside more traditional pedagogical approaches, but she also understands the challenges it can bring. A significant element to her role is therefore supporting and encouraging schools and staff to make the most of the digital opportunities – to have the confidence to be innovative in their work and to share their experiences, whatever their starting point may be.

There are many opportunities that AI can bring to education, and it will be difficult to balance both a measured and innovative approach when the tools are developing at such a rate and the final destination is unknown. But if we can show the courage and curiosity to harness AI, we work together to build the future that we want to see in education and this conference is a superb opportunity to continue that collaboration.

Andrew Flowerdew

Too be revealed


DR. Fiona Aubrey-Smith

Founder of PedTech, Consultant Researcher, Author, Director

Co-author of the best selling book From EdTech to PedTech: Changing the way we think about digital technology, Dr Fiona Aubrey-Smith is an award-winning teacher, leader and academic with a passion for supporting those who work with children and young people.


As Founder of PedTech and Director of One Life Learning, Fiona works closely with schools and trusts, professional learning providers and EdTech companies. She is also an Associate Lecturer and Consultant Researcher at a number of universities and sits on the board of a number of multi academy and charitable trusts.


Fiona was a Founding Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching, and has been awarded Fellowships by RSA, NAACE and the HEA. She was awarded the TPEA Research & Development Award in 2021 and in 2022 was named by Education Business as one of the 50 most influential people in education. In 2023, Fiona was granted Freedom of the Worshipful Company of Educators, City of London, and in 2024 was named one of the Top 5 Visionary Women in Education by The Knowledge Review.

Lucy Gill-Simmen

Vice Dean, Royal Holloway, University of London

Dr. Lucy Gill-Simmen is Vice Dean of Education and Student Experience and a Senior Lecturer in Marketing in the School of Business and Management at Royal Holloway, University of London.


She has a passion for management education and seeks to provide the best and most equal education experience for all students. She holds both a MBA and a Ph.D. in Marketing from Imperial College Business School, London.


Her pedagogic research interests lie in the development of human skills amongst students, devising inclusive feedback and assessment strategies, and values-based pedagogies for educating the 'whole' individual.

She has published her work in pedagogy in a number of academic journals, and most recently published her case research in the world’s leading journal for case research; Case Research Journal.


She is the Chair for the Academy of Marketing, Marketing Education Special Interest Group. In 2022, she was awarded the Global Women in Marketing Award for her role as a marketing educator.

I’m really looking forward to speaking at Future Fwd 2024, it’s always such a great, inspiring and uplifting conference. So many opportunities to hear such a multitude of voices from across the sector and to network with those whom you never get to see!


Rupert Wegerif

Professor of Education  
Faculty of Education  & Hughes Hall
University of Cambridge 

Rupert Wegerif is a Professor of Education at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Hughes Hall, Cambridge.


He is the director of the Digital Education Futures Initiative at Hughes Hall. His research focus is on developing a new theory and practice of education for the Internet age: using technology to teach through dialogue and also to teach for dialogue.


He has led many funded research projects exploring the potential of education technology and authored several books including: Dialogic: Education for the Internet Age.

‘Future Fwd is an opportunity for me to participate in thinking together with experts about how to design the future of education’ 

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