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The University of Warwick is partnering with the ground-breaking national educational conference, FUTURE FWD. This follows a highly successful inaugural event last year, for which the University was also the lead partner.

FUTURE FWD is a cross sector, nationwide education event for both independent and state sector schools, colleges, universities, and businesses. It is not for profit, accessible to all, and free to attend.

The continuation of the partnership is reinforced by the shared value between the two organisations of innovation.

In a changing educational landscape with young generations with differing needs for new workplaces, FUTURE FWD is concerned with preparing young people to be successful. The motivation to enable the next generation summaries the purpose of the conference.

Educationalists and business leaders will come together to discuss the challenges and solutions to enable young people to be the changemakers of tomorrow.

The traditional conference format has been reimagined to be a practical, future-focused, creative conference, with young people at its core, featuring a panel of young people to start off proceedings.

Rachel Sandby-Thomas CB, Registrar at the University of Warwick said:

We are delighted once again to be the lead partner at FUTURE FWD, following a hugely innovative conference last year. Our approach of listening to young people, and continuously evaluating our educational offering resonates well, and I personally am really looking forward to the conference itself”.

Warwick Schools Foundation Principal, Richard Nicholson, is passionate about paving the way for future generations to succeed.

It is an urgent mission to ensure we are doing everything we can to equip young learners for a changing world and a changing workforce and workplace.

“To partner once again with The University of Warwick is an enormous stake in the ground of our collective commitment to this mission and I am grateful for the University’s generosity for the second year running.


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