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the rt hon. gillian keegan mp, secretary of state for education

I am delighted that Future Fwd 2023 has returned for another year to bring together the worlds of education, business, industry, and culture.

This conference will provide a comprehensive view of how we can best prepare young people for the world of work whilst encouraging them to explore the wide range of opportunities available.

We want to ensure that British businesses have the workers they need to make the most of these global opportunities, driving growth and positioning the UK as a leader on the world stage in crucial sectors like tech, green industry, life sciences and the creative arts.

It is crucial that we acknowledge that the future of work is changing, and technology will have a greater influence on our daily lives, particularly in the world of education. As such, we must equip young people with the necessary tools to succeed in the future.

As we examine curriculum development and the importance of future skills, we must not forget the potential of Artificial Intelligence in transforming the teaching profession. AI technology offers many cutting-edge opportunities, and some schools are already leveraging its potential, with others eager to learn and understand its full capability to help teach the lessons of tomorrow. We can work together to significantly reduce the tasks that drain teachers’ time, using AI to deliver better outcomes for students.

AI presents opportunity for education and for business as well as addressing its challenges. That’s why we have launched a Call for Evidence on generative AI in education which seeks views and experiences from practitioners across all stages of education as well as the EdTech sector and AI experts.

This conference will be an opportunity to make an important contribution to the national debate.

I am delighted we can come together to make a real difference in the lives of our future leaders.


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