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From AI-generated headteachers to robots – what does the future of education look like?

Why is looking at the future of education so important?

It’s growing more digital, and we’ve got to prepare our children for that. Education needs to give students the tools they need to fulfil their potential and succeed when they enter the world of work. That could mean everything from a closer look at the needs of businesses taking on graduates, to extra skills preparing students in an AI-led digital world. 

Give us a sneak peek – what does a future-ready education actually look like?

There are your traditional subjects like Maths, History and Geography, but now we have to start thinking about AI too. In the media there’s everything from robots replacing job roles to AI-generated headteachers eek!. But this event will look at whether AI could be used to help with things like class admin, generating learning resources or inspiring students. Need some convincing? Sounds like you need to go along!

Which speakers can we expect to see this year?

Someone from pretty much every sector – from Headteachers to Professors at Cambridge Uni, education consultants and industry experts from organisations such as the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. There’s going to be loads of people at the top of their field sharing their knowledge and aiming to inspire, promote innovation and collaboration.

Is it just talks though?

Nope! The first day ends with an evening reception at historic Warwick Castle and on day two, there’s discussions and workshops hosted by industry experts to help develop key skills – handy! Not meaning to make anyone jealous, but last year’s evening reception even included virtual reality crossbow games. 

The event follows the categories of curriculum and learning; arts and culture; industry and enterprise; singing and wellbeing for children and young people; AI, tech and gaming; and SEN provision. 


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