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Headteacher, Evergreen School

Monday 4 July, 1530

'The future of SEND and inclusion - reshaping our mindset'


Nick is Head Teacher of Evergreen School, an all-age special school that has two sites either side of Warwick. 


Nick has spent the majority of his career in the special educational needs sector and is enormously passionate about providing the children and young people that attend his school with learning experiences that will prepare them for the future life in the community. 


Nick's school has a community book cafe run by the students and open to the public, animal care provision and a wide range of work-related opportunities.


Over the course of the last 2 years, Nick's school has formed a fantastic partnership with the WISF which includes shared experiences for students such as bee keeping, Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, Warwick, A Singing Town, Enterprise events and many more. 


Nick is conscious that whilst he can serve the children that attend his setting, there is more work to be done across the SEND sector and will address how we can reshape our mindset towards SEND in FutureFwd conference.

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