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Head of Assessment Development, Cambridge Assessment

strand: TECH, GAMING & AI

Lula Dahir.jpg

Lula is a multidisciplinary professional with 6+ years of experience working at the intersection of education, climate change and digital innovation in Africa and Europe.

She has a diverse experience designing, implementing and improving a wide range of digital products and services across different industries and business models. Lula also has experience conducting research and evaluations for clients, including FCDO, SIDA, World Bank, UN agencies and European Commission to support the monitoring and implementation of SDGs.

In recent years, Lula has worked in education, including for a global Edtech firm where she managed and implemented learning management systems, AI-driven computer adaptive learning and assessment platforms. She found her biggest passion in conducting research and supporting schools and clients to apply evidence-based digital pedagogy strategies to improve learning outcomes for all, close digital and gender gap through fair and equitable partnerships, accessible and evidence-based research and inclusive and ethical technologies.

She also worked at EdTech Hub Helpdesk, where she supports decision-makers to use evidence-based research to inform education technology programs and policies.

While she is a keen supporter of Education technology solutions to ensure access to quality learning, her main concerns are data privacy and digital inclusion.

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