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Associate Education Consultant, Noble + Eaton


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Joanne is a dynamic educational leader with a PhD in Chemistry, MA in Education and an NPQH.


She has a creative, practical, innovative approach, a commitment to evolution of practice, embracing new technologies and developments whilst remaining focused on the underpinning educational research.


She has been a leader in schools for 20 years embedding new learning techniques and designing new curricula, professional development programmes, and bespoke frameworks for tracking progress in attainment, attitudes to learning and character traits.

As a consultant, Joanne supports the alignment of people, pedagogy and place with the ethos, mission and values of a community of learners. Through action research, data analysis, interpretation and strategic planning I guide those in education on how to gather and use data for a positive impact through purposeful environmental design.

We are in the Information Age; knowledge is only power if we do something with it!

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