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jeremy dibb

Research and Delivery Lead, Warwick - A Singing Town

strand: arts, culture & music

Jeremy Dibb.HEIC

I am Leamington born and bred and live five doors away from my mum in Lillington. I started playing cornet in Leamington Spa Silver Band when I was 12 and that was it really. I loved being part of a music group and that joy of sharing music-making has stayed with me ever since.

I obtained my music degree at Manchester University and then went into a teaching career that included 23 years with the local music service – the last five years as Director.

I retired with impeccable timing in April 2020 and, whilst I am kept perfectly busy with my four children and four grandchildren I am absolutely delighted to be able to continue my passion for music and singing in my role with Warwick – A Singing Town.

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