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Dr. Fawaz Hazza Abu Sitta

UNESCO Chair in Anticipatory Systems

Visiting Fellow at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge

Foresight Research Director, Center for Futures Studies, University of Dubai

Adjunct Professor, Master of Foresight Program, Rochester Institute of Technology

strand: TECH, GAMING & AI

Fawaz Hazza Abu Sitta.png

Dr. Abu Sitta is an advocate for promoting futures literacy as a method for accelerating innovation and building resilient nations.  Dr. Abu Sitta has published and conducted foresight studies that have been translated to various languages and adopted by organizations and governments globally. He is currently leading foresight research studies on the futures of teachers’ wellbeing in the era of digital transformation. He is also working on investigating the futures of assessment. 


Dr. Abu Sitta’s has received a recognition certificate from H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Prime Minister and the Ruler of Dubai for his efforts in digitally retransforming the government services. He also received an award from H.M. King Abdullah II for his work in developing the Knowledge Management Framework for the Jordanian government.


Dr. Abu Sitta holds a Master of Science in Foresight from University of Houston and a PhD from the University of Bath.

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