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Associate Professor, Warwick Business School


Bo is an expert in design thinking with a diverse teaching and consulting portfolio. She works as an Associate Professor at the Warwick Business School, and as an Innovation Consultant at Sprint Valley. 


She has created and led a number of interdisciplinary modules on design thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Bo coordinates the Leadership, Communication and Innovation course at the Warwick Summer School and leads on The Guardian Masterclass on design thinking. She is also the creator of the Warwick Secret Challenge, a problem-solving workshop with elements of design thinking, which has become a key methodology to tackle innovation challenges at Warwick.


Bo launched a limited podcast series on this topic in partnership with AdvanceHE, championing the use of design thinking in Higher Education.


She holds several awards for her contributions to teaching & learning at Warwick, Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, and Fellowship of Enterprise Educators UK.

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