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Building on the success of last year, we are delighted to launch Future Fwd 2023, for future-focused education, business and industry leaders who want to enable the next generations to succeed.

3-4 july 2023.

FFday1 0197.jpg


Future Fwd is an educational conference with a difference.


With the first edition in July 2022, that cohort produced a series of outcomes which can be downloaded here


The conference is focused on future generations, and how we can ensure that the young people of today and tomorrow can succeed in a fast-changing world. 


How is this conference different?


Inspiration: young people are at the heart of the conference and so we are listening  to what they have to say.


Innovation: we are joining up the thinking across the worlds of business and industry, higher and further education, and schools, with a range of speakers who will both inspire and challenge.


Collaboration: through facilitated round-table discussions, delegates will develop tangible takeaways so that we  can truly make a difference in our schools and work places. 


By bringing together everyone who has a stake in the success of our young people, we can better prepare them for the future.

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